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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you grow?

Blue Rose is a suburban homestead and medicinal  herb farm. We grow a variety of herbs, as well as seasonal produce and flowers.  Herbalism is our focus - offering many northeast growing herbs for medicinal use as well as for use in spiritual practice. Plant medicine and natural home and body care products are hand crafted here on our farm with ingredients grown on site. Herbal teas, pouches of dried and fresh herbs, and simmer pot blends are just a few of the products made with the herbs grown here at Blue Rose. 

What animals live on your farm?

We have a small backyard flock of chickens and domesticated ducks. We raise a variety of breeds.  This allows for lots of different and fun shapes, sizes, and colors of eggs. We love our animals and love and answering questions about keeping livestock in a suburban setting.  Stay tuned for future animals - we plan to add a few miniature goats and/or sheep to our homestead in the coming years. In the meantime, Sampson, our basset hound and the official Blue Rose farm dog is keeping things in line on the homestead (in between naps and belly rubs, of course). 

Is your farm open to the public?

Blue Rose is a private residence. We are not open for public farm visits at this time. Workshops and classes at the farm are currently being developed will be available for booking in Summer of 2023.  Scheduled pick ups of herbs and microgreens, herbal home and body care products, and fresh chicken and duck  eggs are available seasonally. Private herbal consultations will be available for booking starting in summer of 2023.

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