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Our Mission


Here at Blue Rose Micro Farm we believe that YOU are the strongest element of your own health. 
Reclaiming and falling back in love with our individual home spaces and our botanical growing spaces is one of the most empowering acts we have as humans. Now, more than ever, the potential within our immediate surroundings to create our own health is clear. The relationships we form within our local community is a movement toward health connectivity. 
At Blue Rose, we are passionate about all things fresh and local. We have relationships with multiple local makers and artisans. This enables us offer you the best quality fresh produce, herbs, tonics, elixirs, as well as art and whimsy to  nourish mind, body, and soul. 
We aim to educate by offering the highest quality produce and herbs, as well as workshops in sustainability, medical herbalism, and the basics of maintaining a homestead. 

We offer seasonal produce, fresh eggs, cut flowers, fresh culinary and medical herbs, as well as locally sourced hand crafted artisanal products - all with the ease of simple on site pick up, or convenient home delivery. Staying connected to your food source and your community has never been easier. 

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Our History

How It All Began

Growing one’s own food and herbs, raising small livestock, and living a sustainable homesteading lifestyle has long been second nature to us here at Blue Rose Micro Farm. During a 20 year residence in central North Carolina, while working in restaurant and service management, our 2 daughters were born. The late night hours and stress of the industry became a difficult juggling act with 2 small children to be cared for at home. It was time for a healthy change.
 We set out to lower our family’s cost of living as much as possible, while also being passionate about the quality of the food we fed our children.  Awareness of how far our food traveled from its growing space to our table was a driving force in us reclaiming our health. Omitting the middleman became the goal. Growing our own food and creating a green and sustainable lifestyle in our home enabled us to not only significantly lower our cost of living and stress levels, but it created an environment in which our kids became excited about their food. They became willing and adventurous about exploring healthy food options from our own backyard. 
In 2018 we moved our family to the historic Village neighborhood of Somerset, Massachusetts - lead farmer Denise Wolfe’s hometown. Our one acre suburban homestead along the New England Southcoast aims to offer the best in locally sourced fresh food and artisanal hand crafted products, all while educating folks in homesteading, sustainability,  herbal medicine and wholistic living.
Welcome to our micro farm journey!

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